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The GSS portal is a tool to foster synergies between researchers and project teams working in the spirit of global systems science, GSS for short.

In the GSS orientation paper building blocks for a research program of GSS are proposed. A preliminary synthesis of these building blocks is proposed in the GSS synthesis paper. They come in two kinds: First, global challenges that call for GSS and where GSS holds the promise of making useful contributions in the coming years. Second the role of ICT in this endeavor - including both aspects of models & data and the role of ICT in engagement of citizens and policy makers in processes of acquiring and using knowledge. The ICT engines behind are large-scale computing platforms to simulate highly interconnected systems, data analytics for Big Data to make full use of the abundance of data on social, economic, financial, technological, and ecological systems available today. GSS will seize the opportunities opened by e.g. social media for engagement of stakeholders in the science and policy processes.